Call to rescue stuck hiker near Echo Mountain - February 4, 2018

A call came in just after 10:00AM for a hiker stuck off trail near Echo Mountain, approximately 1.5 miles from the Lake Avenue entrance.AMRT members responded and were able to establish communication with the victim via cell phone. It was determined, after communicating with the victim, that he was located off a fire break, not the Lower Sam Merril...
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Search for two lost hikers in Millard Canyon – February 2, 2018

At approximately 12noon on Friday February 2nd, a call came in for two lost hikers in Millard Canyon. Team members responded and began to search an area based on information received.

After more than an hour into the search, the missing hikers were located off trail, on a steep hillside. The two had hiked to Millard Canyon waterfall and were attempting to reach Dawn Mine when they lost sight of the trail and became stranded.

A hand line was set up, and both hikers were helped off the mountain by rescue team members. This operation concluded at approximately 3:30PM

These two victims made the right decision by calling for help. When you lose sight of the trail, and end up in a location where forward progress is impossible, and backtracking is too dangerous, it is best to call for help. Had these victims lost their footing, they could have fallen hundreds of feet down the mountain.

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Rubio Canyon Rescue – Tuesday January 30, 2018

Tuesday January 30th, at 12:50pm Altadena Mountain Rescue Team was called for the rescue of a hiker who had slipped off a trail in Rubio Canyon, in the Angeles National Forest.
The hiker was able to call the Altadena Sheriff’s Station via cell phone and tell them he was not injured, except for a few scratches, and was stranded on a cliff approximately one mile from the trailhead. By 1:30PM, rescue crews were hiking into Rubio Canyon, and within minutes had located the victim.
He was just off the Incline Trail, which leads up to Echo Mountain. He was secured into a harness by a rescuer and raised back up to the trail. The crew finished shortly after 4:00PM

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Heavy cloud cover impedes search for missing hikers – January 19, 2018

On Friday, January 19th, just after 5:00PM, The Altadena Mountain Rescue Team was activated to search for two hikers lost in the area of Fern Canyon and Brown Mountain, in the Angeles National Forest. AMRT rescue units had text communication with the hikers, who were able to convey that they were not on a marked trail. The missing persons were able to send their location to the rescue team, and with the provided information it was determined they were approximately 1/4th of a mile southwest of Brown Mountain.

Just before 9:00PM, the hikers could be heard yelling, but due to the thick clouds that had moved in that evening, they could not be seen. Team members reported visibility as low as 10 feet due to the dense cloud cover.

For a brief period, the clouds began to break, and a call was made to request a Los Angeles County Fire Department helicopter to aid in locating the hikers. Shortly after the request for air support, the cloud cover returned, limiting the abilities of the helicopter.

The decision was made to hike across the mountain, in the direction of the voices. It was at this point that AMRT was able to visually locate the hikers on the side of the mountain. The victims were medically assessed, and with the cloud cover preventing helicopter assistance, the hikers were escorted off the mountain back to their vehicle, concluding the operation at approximately 1:30AM.

The two victims, a 25-year-old male resident of Los Angeles and a 25-year-old male resident of New Orleans had become lost in the darkness and thick cloud cover. The wise decision was made to call for help, avoiding the risk of injury or death. The mountains can be dangerous, especially when visibility is restricted.

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The first rescue of 2018 is of the four-legged variety

On January 6th, just after 4:00PM, The Altadena Mountain Rescue Team responded to rescue a dog that had fallen into a canyon above Altadena.  A hiker and her friend were hiking on the Fire Break Trail when their dog slipped and fell 75 feet down off the trail into a steep canyon approximately 100 feet north of the power lines.  

Altadena Mountain Rescue Team members hiked into the area, and after approximately 45 minutes of searching, located Oscar the dog, a 14 y/o terrier.  Team members used ropes to raise the dog and rescuer back onto the trail.  

The hiker, 23 year old female resident of Altadena and Oscar were not injured and were driven to their residence in Altadena. The hiker’s friend, 23 year old female resident of New York was able to hike out to her personal vehicle. This incident concluded at 7:15PM. 

oscar the dog

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