AMRT saves the day, and the dogs - March 19, 2015

This write-up is from a call from a couple of weeks ago........

A call came in to the headquarters at approximately 7:00pm for a female with 2 dogs stuck on the side of a mountain in Millard Canyon. AMRT was able to establish cell phone contact with the victim and determine her approximate location near Saucer Branch.

Team members were sent to Sierra Saddle in an attempt to locate the victim from above and establish communication while additional members entered Millard Canyon to search for the victim. Cell phone service was intermittent in the canyon; however, we were able to communicate via text letting her know we were in route. The victim conveyed that she was under a tree off the trail and would likely not be seen from above, but should be clearly visible from canyon bottom.

Voice contact was quickly established by the team members making their way up from velow, shortly thereafter locating the victim approximately 50 feet off of canyon bottom on a scree slope. A hand line was set up allowing team members too safely get her and her dogs to canyon bottom. Assuring all were safe and uninjured, the victims were walked out.









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Images from the recent Technical Rock Recert held March 7, 2015 in Joshua Tree have been added to the gallery

AMRT successfully completed the 2015 Technical Rock Accredidation held Saturday March 7th in Joshua Tree. This years event was comprised of two scenarios, one medical based with a technical component and the main technical rescue. Click on the link to the gallery to see images from the days events.

technical rock 2015 3 20150311 1414302511

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Team responds to call for injured hiker near Inspiration Point - February 15, 2014

On February 15th at 12:15PM the team responded to a call regarding a female hiker with a broken ankle in the area of Inspiration Point. L.A. County Sheriff’s Air Rescue 5 located the hiker, a 31 year old female with a left ankle injury at Inspiration Point, just north of Castle Canyon. The victim was hoisted by Air Rescue 5 and transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital for treatment.

The victim’s husband, who had been hiking with the victim, was transported by AMRT from Inspiration point back to his vehicle. This operation concluded at approximately 2:30PM.

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Three lost hikers rescued from Millard Canyon - February 16, 2015

At approximately 3:30PM on Monday February 16th a call was received regarding a lost female hiker in the area of Millard Canyon. AMRT responded to the location, and upon arrival could hear persons yelling for help. Team members directed L.A. County Sheriff’s Air 21 into the area, which was able to locate the three lost hikers at the bottom of Millard Canyon and provide specifics as to their exact location.

The three female hikers had been hiking and lost sight of the trail. After attempts to rediscover the trail had proven unsuccessful, they called 911 for assistance. Team members reached the victims and lead them out of the canyon, at which point they were transported to their vehicles. This operation concluded at approximately 7:00PM.

02-16-2015 Millard Canyon

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Stranded hiker in Eaton Canyon - February 10, 2015

At 10:15 AM on Tuesday February 10th a call was received for a hiker missing in Eaton Canyon. Altadena Mountain Rescue Team responded, locating the 27 year old female victim atop a dry waterfall in Coyote Canyon. While trail running in the area, she lost the trail and attempted to backtrack to her original route, eventually finding herself in a position that would require assistance.

AMRT set up position above the victim, employing approximately 600 feet of rope to send a rescuer down to her. Once at her position, she was safely secured into a harness and lowered approximately 150 feet to the canyon bottom. The victim was provided with water and transported to her vehicle located north of the Eaton Canyon Nature Center. 

02-10-2015 Coyote Canyon


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