Three lost hikers rescued from Millard Canyon - February 16, 2015

At approximately 3:30PM on Monday February 16th a call was received regarding a lost female hiker in the area of Millard Canyon. AMRT responded to the location, and upon arrival could hear persons yelling for help. Team members directed L.A. County Sheriff’s Air 21 into the area, which was able to locate the three lost hikers at the bottom of Millard Canyon and provide specifics as to their exact location.

The three female hikers had been hiking and lost sight of the trail. After attempts to rediscover the trail had proven unsuccessful, they called 911 for assistance. Team members reached the victims and lead them out of the canyon, at which point they were transported to their vehicles. This operation concluded at approximately 7:00PM.

02-16-2015 Millard Canyon

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Stranded hiker in Eaton Canyon - February 10, 2015

At 10:15 AM on Tuesday February 10th a call was received for a hiker missing in Eaton Canyon. Altadena Mountain Rescue Team responded, locating the 27 year old female victim atop a dry waterfall in Coyote Canyon. While trail running in the area, she lost the trail and attempted to backtrack to her original route, eventually finding herself in a position that would require assistance.

AMRT set up position above the victim, employing approximately 600 feet of rope to send a rescuer down to her. Once at her position, she was safely secured into a harness and lowered approximately 150 feet to the canyon bottom. The victim was provided with water and transported to her vehicle located north of the Eaton Canyon Nature Center. 

02-10-2015 Coyote Canyon


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Holiday weekend proves to be busy one for AMRT – January 17-19, 2015

With five calls and three team activations over the 3 day holiday weekend, the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team was kept busy.

Saturday January 17th
At approximately 6:00pm on Saturday January 17th a call was received for a male adult with a possible broken leg in the Angeles National Forest. The victim, part of a group of five, was hiking in the Pasadena Glen Canyon area. AMRT, along with Sierra Madre Search and Rescue, LA County and Pasadena Fire responded to the area specified to begin a search for the victim. LA County Fire Helicopter 15, aiding in the search from above, was able to locate the victim, who was hoisted and transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital.
Sierra Madre Search and Rescue hiked in and led out the remaining 4 hikers, all uninjured ranging in age from 14-18. According to their account, they were hiking off trail and the victim fell approximately 15 feet down a steep canyon.

Sunday January 18th
Around 5:30pm on Sunday January 18th AMRT responded to a call for a lost hiker in the area of Eaton Canyon. Altadena, along with members of Sierra Madre Search and Rescue, dispatched to the area and began a search for the victim. LA County Sheriff’s Air 21, providing assistance from above, was able to locate the victim and provide GPS coordinates to teams on the ground.
Using this information, AMRT was able to locate the victim in Eaton Canyon off the Idlehour trail. The 21 year old male, who had become lost in the canyon after darkness set in, was led out and driven to his vehicle.

Monday January 19th
A request to assist Montrose Search and Rescue was received at approximately 7:00pm on Monday January 19th by AMRT. The call was to assist in a search for 8 hikers in the area of Millar Canyon / Dawn Mine. Two of the hikers had been separated from the others and called 911, which was routed to the California Highway Patrol. CHP informed Montrose who in turn called Altadena to assist.
Shortly after the search began, the missing victims were able to make their way out of the canyon and notify the Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station that they were safe.

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AMRT Responds to call for two mountain bikers lost near Altadena - December 29, 2014

Shortly after 6:00 a.m. a page went out to team members for two missing mountain bikers. The individuals, both 18-year-old males, had traveled from Valencia, hitting the trail at approximately 3:00 p.m. on Sunday. Their plan was to ride from Mt. Wilson to Altadena, but as darkness set in they became lost in the mountains. Their family reported them missing when they did not return that evening.

After confirming details with the individual who reported them missing, a search began for their vehicle at the various trailheads in the area. Members from the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team along with L.A. County Fire, CHP, Sierra Madre and Montrose SAR all responded to the call. Once their vehicle was located at the Windsor Gate near The Arroyo, a detailed search began in that area. LASD Air 8 was able to locate the victims from the air, just north of the Oakwilde Campground in Arroyo Seco Canyon.

L.A. County Fire Air 19 performed a hoist rescue, safely extracting the bikers. After being evaluated by paramedics, they were transported to L.A. County Fire Camp 2 in La Canada where they were reunited with their family.

missing mountainbikers december 29-2014

(Photo credit ABC7)

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