AMRT responds to call for heat exhaustion, the victims in this case were man's best friend - June 8, 2014

  A call came in just after 4pm for two dogs suffering from heat exhaustion on the lower Sam Merrill Trail, approximately 1 mile from the trail head. AMRT responded, and once on scene immediately began tending to the victims. The dogs were given water and cooled with ice packs.

Once it was determined the dogs were out of danger, they were released back to their owners to make their way down the mountain.

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As a reminder to all dog owners as we enter into the hot summer months, bring water not only for yourself but for your four legged companion, and plenty of it.

Heat stroke begins with heavy panting and difficulty breathing, and can also be accompanied with wobbly or uncoordinated gait or movement along with other, more severe symptoms.

Animals should have access to shade and fresh water while outdoors. If the temperature is very warm, outdoor access should be limited to short periods of time. Your dog is wearing a fur coat, and temperatures that are bearable to you can become deadly for your dog.

If you plan to hit the outdoors with your pet, do so in the early morning or evening hours when temperatures are cooler and the sun is not directly overhead. And always bring plenty of water.

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Stranded Hiker and Lost Mountain Bikers - Memorial Day 2014 recap

After a long quiet weekend for AMRT, a page went out just after 4pm for a male hiker stuck on a cliff near the first waterfall in Eaton Canyon. AMRT responded, sending a crew up canyon to evaluate the situation. After arriving at the location reported by the informant, it was discovered the victim had made his way down to canyon bottom uninjured.

Later that evening AMRT received a call regarding three missing mountain bikers. The group of bikers had started their day at approximately 1pm from Mt. Wilson, in the Angeles National Forest and were expected home around 5pm. Initially, one of the bikers had contacted the informant letting her know they were running late and would not make the 5pm return time. Hours later, with no update from and no contact with the bikers, the informant drove to the Altadena Sheriff's Station to report them missing.

AMRT, along with Montrose Search and Rescue, were notified and began to mobilize. A Los Angeles County Fire Helicopter was called in to assist with the search from the air, utilizing onboard night vision capabilities. After approximately 25 minutes, the victims were located by the helicopter in Bear Canyon. A helicopter lowered a paramedic down to the victims and after confirming they were uninjured, began a hoist rescue.

Members of AMRT, along with LASD deputies, met the helicopter and transported the victims back to their vehicle.

The victims had been on a trail that became less defined, and with darkness upon them, they believed they were lost and made the decision to make camp and start a fire to keep warm.

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AMRT responds to call for lost hikers in Eaton Canyon - May 29, 2014

While training on the Mt. Wilson Toll Road Bridge, a call came out for two female hikers, with two dogs, lost in Eaton Canyon, one with a possible sprained ankle. Four members were immediately mobilized and began a search of the canyon above the bridge. Minutes later a second team was sent down canyon to clear the area between the bridge and the nature center.

Attempts to reach them by cell phone initially proved unsuccessful. Eventually contact was made with the victims and it was determined they were below the bridge slowly making their way towards the nature center. While the second team continued down canyon in search of the victims, the first team was redeployed, with instructions to go to the nature center and liaison with County Fire that had arrived on scene.

Eventually the second team made contact with the victims near the nature center. They were escorted to the parking area of the nature center where they refused medical treatment. With neither victim appearing to be injured, they were released and sent on their way.

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Week in review - April 5-9, 2014 - Reports of gun shots, broken bones, and stranded hikers

The period of April 5-9, 2014 proved to be a busy one for AMRT. Below is a recap of the operatons the team was involved in during that five day stretch. 


April 5
The Sheriff's department received a call shortly after 10pm stating the sounds of a woman screaming and gunshots were heard in the area of Cobb Estate. A page was sent out asking for available sworn members of AMRT to respond to assist LASD with clearing Cobb Estate and the surrounding terrain. The road from the entrance to Cobb Estate up to the water tank was cleared, with no one found.

A helicopter was called in to sweep the area with infrared, and located a group of individuals under a tree. Contact was made by AMRT members on scene, and after it was determined they were not a threat they were directed to leave the area.

AMRT, along with members of LASD, continued to clear the areas of Los Flores Canyon and Sam Merrill Trail. The source of the person screaming and the gun shots was not discovered.

April 6

A call was received at 2:24pm for 2 injured hikers by the second waterfall in Eaton Canyon. Air 5 was called and notified of the operation, at which point they responded. AMRT proceeded to Pinecrest Gate to liaison with County Fire and Forestry Service. Once on scene, we were informed that Air 5 had lowered a medic to the location of the victim, a 36 year old female with a broken ankle. The victim was attended to by the medic on scene and airlifted to Huntington Memorial Hospital.

April 6

While on the first call a second call came in at 3:12pm for an individual hanging on a cliff in the area of Millard Canyon. With the operation in Eaton Canyon under control, members of AMRT, along with Montrose SAR and County Fire, responded to Brown Mountain Trail.

Ground units began searching the area indicated by the informant while a county helicopter searched from the air. The victim was located by the helicopter, which proceeded to hoist the 22 year old male and transport him to a safe landing zone.

The victim had become lost and wandered off trail and became stranded on a steep mountainside. He only sustained minor scratches and refused transport to the hospital.

April 9

Call came in for 2 hikers stranded above the first waterfall in Eaton Canyon. AMRT responded to the location specified by the informant. While in route communication with Air 5 was established. Based on the location of the victims and the proximity of Air 5 to the scene it was determined an air rescue would be the best option.

AMRT headed to Farnsworth Park to clear a landing zone and receive the victims. Upon making contact with the helicopter, it was then determined that there were in fact 4 victims, all college students at Caltech.

After assessing their condition all 4 victims were released.

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Overnight search ends with successful rescue - April 28, 2014

The call came in shortly before 9pm on Sunday April 27th. A male hiker in his 20's began his day at Cobb Estate around 3pm. Approximately 5 hours into his hike, he found himself lost in the mountains unsure of how to get back. It was at that time he called 911 and asked for help.

Contact with the victim was made via cell phone for a brief moment before his battery died, allowing the operations leader to obtain some vague details as to his approximate location.

AMRT began dispatching teams to search the area, with a focus on the trails and terrain around Echo Mountain. A county helicopter initially began a search of the area along with members on the ground, but was forced to turn back due to high winds.

At approximately 4:30am voice contact was made with the missing hiker, and rescue teams believed they were within 500 feet of his location. Because of the rugged terrain, and the fact that he was not on an established trail, finding his exact location proved to be difficult. At first light, Air 5 was deployed to search the area from the air, and within an hour his exact location was determined. At that time a rescuer was lowered from the helicopter to extract the victim. Although cold from his night out without proper clothing, he was not injured.

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