AMRT rescues hikers stranded on a hillside in Millard Canyon - February 1, 2014

The call came in around 6pm Saturday February 1st for 5 hikers lost off trail up Millard Canyon, near Dawn Mine. The group had decided to try a cross-country route out of the canyon, instead of following the trail, and found themselves in a precarious position on the side of the canyon. Unable to proceed up the steep slope, and with loose terrain behind them preventing a safe retreat, the group made the wise decision to call for help.

AMRT team members responded to the scene, and once on site determined the victims were in a safe and stable location. Their position on the canyon slope could be reached via hand-line, negating the need for a complex system. Two team members were soon with the victims and began the process of escorting the up to the service road above.

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Overnight operation for Altadena Mountain Rescue Team end with 4 mountain bikers being found and in good condition - 12/23/2013

After an exhaustive overnight search that continued into the morning, the four missing mountain bikers were located deep in the Arroyo at the mouth of Bear Canyon.

Having began their day at Mt. Wilson with a planned destination of the Arroyo behind JPL, the group made a wrong turn and ended up deep in Bear Canyon. When darkness set in, the group determined the best plan of action was to set up camp and stay the night as the rugged train of Bear Canyon would prove to be difficult to navigate in the dark. With no way to communicate with their friends and family, and armed with nothing more than their mountain biking gear, the group was able to start a small fire and huddled together for warmth until morning.

Today's operation is a perfect example of why you should always be prepared for any possibility when venturing into the forest. Luckily this group had the ability to start a camp fire, which more than likely prevented the onset of hypothermia as temperatures dropped into the mid-40's. It always makes good sense to pack items you may need, such as a light jacked and a flashlight, in the event you find yourself in a similar situation. And don't always count on cell service in the mountains, especially if you end up deep in a canyon.

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AMRT continues its search for 4 missing mountain bikers in the Angeles National Forest

After an extensive overnight search, the Altadean Mountain Rescue Team continues its search this morning for 4 missing mountain bikers in the Angeles National Forest. 

As previously stated, when details become available this blog will be updated. 

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AMRT responding to call for 4 missing mountain bikers in the Arroyo

AMRT is responding to a call for 4 missing mountain bikers in the Arroyo, located behind JPL in the San Gabriel Mountains. As more information becomes available the blog will be updated.

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Support the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team today, make a tax deductible donation online

Established in 1951, the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team is the oldest organization of its kind in Southern California and a founding member of the Mountain Rescue Association. as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization we do not charge for ANY searches or rescues no matter how extensive, difficult, or dangerous they may be. Consequently, over 50% of the funding for necessary equipment, vehicles, and training comes from private donations.

With this active operating tempo the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team is understandably hard on equipment and vehicles. Your tax-deductible donation today will ensure that the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team can continue in needed rescue services to the citizens of Los Angeles County.

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