"Fatal Attraction at the Falls" - Article from L.A. County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky's website discusses the dangers of Eaton Canyon

Below is an excerpt from an article that appeared on L.A. County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky's website on May 2nd about the dangers of Eaton Canyon and the five fatalities that have occurred there in the last two years. To read the full article, click on the link at the bottom of this post.


  Five people have died in the upper raches of Eaton Canyon in the past two years, including this man in 2011.


It was late in the day when several twentysomething hikers happened upon veteran Los Angeles County rescuer Richard De Leon. Next to him was another young man, whose broken body had just been retrieved from the rocky floor of Eaton Canyon.

“Where you coming from?” De Leon asked the group, knowing all too well the answer.

“The second falls,” they confirmed. “But we’re fine.”

De Leon motioned to the man now being photographed by coroner’s officials. “So was he about an hour ago.”  

The hikers assured De Leon they weren’t like that guy.  “We know what we’re doing,” they insisted.

“So did he,” the rescuer said, hoping to drive home his point but knowing that he might as well have been lecturing the rocks.

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AMRT responds to call for hiker stuck on a ridge in Eaton Canyon - Friday May 3, 2013

The call came in just after 12:30pm for a hiker stuck on a ridge above the first waterfall in Eaton Canyon. Team members deployed to Eaton Canyon and located the victim, on the ridgeline above canyon bottom where so many hikers end up.

The individuals position on the ridge did not require a highly technical rescue, instead, team members were able to set a nummber of hand lines, allowing them to gain access to the victim. Once at the victims location he was placed in a harness and secured to a hand line. Once safely secured, the process of getting down the ridge to canyon bottom began. By 4:30pm the victim was safely down from the ridge and the team was back at headquarters. 

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AMRT is participating in a 3 day joint training effort organized by L.A. County Fire - Pictures from day one have been added to the gallery

Today was day one of a three day training exercise arranged by L.A. County Fire that took place on the Angeles Crest Highway. Along with AMRT, there was Montrose Search & Rescue, U.S. Forest Service and multiple stations from L.A. County Fire. The training operation focused on high angle extraction. Pictures from todays exercise have been added to the gallery.

la county sheriff and fire training 2013 1 20130426 1359161482 

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Images from team training at Devil's Gate on Sunday April 14th have been added to the gallery

Images from team training at Devil's Gate on Sunday April 14th have been added to the gallery

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AMRT responding to call to search Devi's Gate Reservoir for a missing 11 year old boy

*UPDATE - The boy was found unharmed.

A call came in just before 8am to search Devil's Gate Reservoir for a missing 11 year old boy. Team members are responding at this time. Updates will be posted as they become available.

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