One Rescue Becomes Two - December 12, 2017

On December 12th at approximately 3:30PM, the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team responded to a call for hiker stranded on top of a mountain near Eaton Canyon, in the Angeles National Forest. The hiker had very low battery on his cell phone and was only able to send out a few text messages. AMRT members began searching Eaton Canyon along with LA Co. Parks Bureau deputies.

Shortly after beginning the search for the lost hiker, the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team was requested for the rescue of a hiker, and his dog, who had fallen off the side of a trail near Eaton Canyon. Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team was requested to assist with the second rescue.

It was determined the dog and its owner were on the Altadena crest Trail approximately 3/4 of a mile west of Eaton Canyon. Sierra Madre search teams started to hike into the area to locate the hiker and his Dog.

Because daylight was fading quickly, LA Co. Sheriff’s Air Rescue 5 had been requested to search for the lost hiker on the mountain top near Eaton Canyon. The family of the second stranded hiker, and his dog, called the Altadena Sheriff‘s to report the hiker was losing his grip on a dog leash that was being used to keep him from falling off the steep mountain side. Air Rescue 5 was diverted to rescue the second hiker, a 67 year old male from Pasadena and his 4 year old female Labrador Retriever named Sam. The two were hoisted by Air Rescue 5 and flown to Farnsworth Park. The hiker and Sam the dog were released to their family at Farnsworth Park.

Air Rescue 5 was then directed to Eaton Canyon to locate the first missing hiker. He was located approximately ½ mile east of Eaton Canyon near the high tension power lines. The 43 year old male, a resident of Denver, Colorado, was hiking on an unauthorized trail and became stranded on the steep hillside. He was hoisted into Air Rescue 5 and flown to Farnsworth Park. From there he was driven to his vehicle at the Eaton Canyon Nature Center.

Both incidents concluded at approximately 6:00PM

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