An evening of knots and rappelling training took place April 5th at Devils Gate

An evening of knots and rappelling training took place April 5th at Devils Gate. Check out the gallery for some images from the session. 

training -_devils_gate_05_april_2012_2_20120412_1168096605

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Guest — Observant
In the first picture, it looked like that bowline took a while to tie.
Saturday, 14 April 2012 12:12 AM
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4 rescued from Eaton Canyon on February 21, 2012

A call came out for stranded hikers in Eaton Canyon at approximately 5:30p.m. on Tuesday February 21.  

By the time the first unit was dispatched we were able to make contact with one of the individuals on their mobile phone.  

After verifying whether there were injuries and if they were safe, we were able to determine their approximate location.  

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Orienteering and High Angle Rescue training pictures and videos from Sunday at Buckhorn have been posted to the gallery and Youtube page

Orienteering and High Angle Rescue training pictures and videos from Sunday at Buckhorn have been posted to the gallery and the teams Youtube page.

Training - Buckhorn - 2012 12


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Guest — trench rescue specialist
The pictures of high angle rescue are great. I watched the whole video also it was also nice. Training is required for all rescue ... Read More
Thursday, 26 July 2012 12:12 PM
Great photos...!! On-going training is must required to sharpen the skills in high angle rescue.
Friday, 16 March 2012 10:10 AM
Guest — Rescue Courses
Always good to keep sharp by participating in Rescue Courses like this.
Wednesday, 08 August 2012 7:07 PM
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New photos added to the Archival Images section featuring newspaper coverage of a rescue from August 1951

Images featuring the newspaper coverage in The Pasadena Independent and The Mirror from August, 1951 covering the rescue of a 17 year old boy have been added to the Archival Images section of the Gallery.

rescue boy trapped 3 days in mountains 01

"Sheriff's deputies and volunteer searchers brought Walter Weirich out of the rugged foothills of Bailey Canyon early last night."

"The youth, 17, was alive but suffering from severe exposure and shock. He was lost Sunday on a hiking trip. "

Click Here to see all the images.

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AMRT featured on Pasadena's Crown City News discussing hiker safety

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Saturday morning rescue. Poor planning and bad decisions lead to cliff rescue and lessons learned?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

At 0814 hrs AMRT was called out for a 19 year old female cliffhanger reported high above the Cobb Estate in Las Flores canyon. The call came in from a friend of the stuck person who stated she had started from Chaney trail and headed east.

A second informant called in and stated he could see her east of where he was and gave us GPS coordinates for his location.

As team members made their way up the Mt. Lowe road to access the stuck girl from above, they observed a Fire Dept. helicopter moving in to hoist the girl up and fly her to a landing zone at Farnsworth Park.

A second AMRT unit met the helicopter at Farnsworth Park, and brought the girl who was uninjured back to the Altadena Sheriff's Station.

Upon returning to the AMRT Headquarters the girl was interviewed as to how she came to be stuck in such a dangerous location, far from any maintained trail.

She stated that friday night she decided that she wanted to go on a hike. She set her destination to be the summit of Echo Mountain and looked it up on Google maps.

She began hiking shortly afterward by herself (Saturday morning at approximately 0240 hrs. AM!) She left Pasadena near Caltech where she is a student, walked all the way up Lake Ave, approximately 5 miles, across Loma Alta drive, and up Chaney Trail, approximately 3 miles.

When asked what provisions she had taken along with her, she stated, a cell phone, her credit card and some cash (for a cab in case she was mugged.)

She brought no food, water, warm clothes, or flashlight.

She had not told anyone of her plans.

After hiking up the Mt. Lowe road for approximately 2 miles she decided to go off trail to find a different route to echo mountain.

Shortly thereafter she took a fall of approximately 10 feet and was only stopped when she hit a bush just before a major drop off.

This is when she called her friend and stated her predicament, requesting that rescue teams be called.

Later it was learned that she was stopped by a Sheriff deputy as she was approaching the mountain and was warned not to proceed.

When asked how well she felt her plan and preparations (or lack thereof) and ignoring a warning from law enforcement had worked out for her she stated, "It was fine."

Lessons to be learned:

Proper preparation is needed prior to setting out on a hike, including knowledge of which specific trails you are to be taking.

It is ALWAYS safest to remain only on established trails.

You should ALWAYS have food, water, a flashlight and proper clothing and footwear.

You should ALWAYS tell someone where you are going, the route you are taking, and when you plan to return.

You should ALWAYS stick to that plan.

It is best never to hike alone.

You can fill out a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Search and Rescue Hiking Plan Sheet and provide it to someone just in case something happens and we need to come to your aid.

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2 teens rescued in Millard Canyon January 22, 2012

LASD Air-5 Helicopter Cliff Rescue of 19-yr old So. Pasadena Woman above Altadena. 2 more teens rescued on the ground.

A U.S. Forestry Recreation Technician working in the Angeles National Forest noticed several people who appeared to be trapped on a cliff near Altadena and called in rescuers at 11:57AM on Sunday.

By 12:25PM, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Air-5 Rescue pilots & Emergency Services Detail (Special Enforcement Bureau), had rescued a 19-year old South Pasadena woman who had gone on a day hike with friends and became trapped on a cliff with a 100 foot drop to a canyon below.

 millard canyon resciue january 22 2012 3 20120123 1110131725

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Photos from Millard Canyon rescue - January 22, 2012 - Added to the Gallery

millard canyon resciue january 22 2012 1 20120123 1601200153



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Video footage from Millard Canyon rescue on January 22, 2012

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Even more images added to the gallery......

Images from training in Joshua Tree in 2008 and Winter Recertification in 2011 can now be vieweed in the Gallery.

training -_joshua_tree_february_2004_7_20111129_1839222354

To view the images, click here.

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New pictures added to the Gallery

New pictures have been added to the Gallery from the November 13th High-Line training along with a previous training session in The Sequoias.

training november_13_2011_-_eaton_canyon_7_20111128_2094793840

To view these images, click here.


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Successful day of high-line training in Eaton Canyon

On Sunday November 13th, the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team completed a successful day of high-line training. To view pictures from that day, click here.

Training November 13 2011 Blog Image

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Graduation/ Rescue - August 1, 2011

Two members of Altadena Mountain Rescue who have been in Sheriff's Reserve Academy had their Pinning and Graduation Ceremony on Monday. We're proud to have our teammates back after 6 months of hard work. Congratulations! Unfortunately, for a few of us, just as we arrived in Down Town L.A. for Graduation we needed to turn right back around to respond on a call for a hiker stuck on a cliff in Eaton Canyon.....

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Fallen Hiker/ Eaton Canyon - July 31st, 2011


As usual for Sundays, AMRT was on patrol this day. It was very hot out with plenty of people out on the trails. Our day was nearing an end when at approximately 6:30pm, we received a 911 call indicating a hiker had fallen from one of the cliffs in Eaton Canyon. We immediately responded and made our way to canyon bottom in good time. As we were driving down past the Mt. Wilson Toll Rd. Bridge, bystanders indicated an informant was trying to flag us down. We met the informant. She was the person who called 911 for help and stated she knew the individual who had fallen while leading us up canyon. Upon arriving on scene of the fall, there were several people crouching down near the hiker trying to help. The young man was unresponsive and in critical condition. He needed to be transported right away. During our medical assessment, a Fire helicopter that was en route to the location had arrived to assist in an air extraction and additional Fire Paramedics came in on foot. We tended to the patient and air lifted him out of the canyon. He was flown to Huntington Memorial Hospital.
It is with great sadness to say that he passed away later after being extracted from the canyon where he had fallen... Altadena Mountain Rescue sends our condolences to all his friends and family. We are very sorry for your loss.
We ask that everyone, please take caution while hiking up and over Acrophobia Ridge to get to the second falls. It is a dangerous hike across terrain that is always changing and unstable. Though, it may not be a mistake on anyone's part, it can just be the mountain side becoming slippery or rock below your feet coming undone, causing unfortunate incidents.


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Local Events

The Altadena Mountain Rescue Team is going to be participating in the following events:
National Night Out at Loma Alta Park Equestrian Center on Tuesday, August 2nd, from 5:00-9:00 p.m.
Community In the Park which is sponsored by the Altadena Sheriff's Station on Saturday, August 6th, from 1:00-4:00 p.m at Charles White Park, 77 Mountain View Street.
If you're in the area, stop by and say hi.
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A Busy Day For AMRT

The day started bright and early at 0700 with team training in Moist Canyon and Coyote Canyon. We practiced tracking and rescuing an uninjured victim. It was also a great opportunity for our newest member to learn some of our local terrain.

After training several team members patrolled our area until the call came out for an injured hiker in Eaton Canyon above the first falls. Arriving on scene we spoke with Pasadena Fire and began up the canyon with three of their paramedics accompanying us. Air-5 was on scene but was not yet able to locate the injured person. The plan was then for the two AMRT members to assist in locating the injured hiker by proceeding along Acrophobia Ridge to above the first falls. As we ascended the ridge Air-5 reported that they had located the injured hiker and lifted him to safety. We continued along the trail to meet up with the three remaining hikers from the same group in order to make sure that they were able to exit the canyon safely. When we met the three hikers we determined that one would not be able to safely traverse out of the canyon on his own. We requested additional AMRT personnel so that we could set up safety lines along the trail to allow the hiker to return to canyon bottom safely. With our assistance the hiker was able to safely traverse down along Acrophobia ridge and return to Eaton Canyon bottom at around 2100. He then was escorted to his car where he met the other two hikers from his group.
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Guest — rta kitchen cabinet
AMRT team has enough potential to work consistently for several days.
Wednesday, 28 March 2012 11:11 AM
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Search/Rescue Op July 13, 2011

Similiar to our last posting, two stranded hikers were rescued on Wednesday night after getting stuck on Tom Sloan Ridge. The two intended to finish off with a shuttle and parked a vehicle at the Millard Campground parking lot. They began their hike at Switzer's off Angeles Crest Highway just past the Clear Creek Ranger Station. They hiked down the Arroyo and into Bear Canyon. Before the fires, the trail wasn't in too bad of shape. However, since then with the lack of foot travel, overgrowth, and any damage caused by the fires, the two lost the trail and were forced to climb up the side of the canyon wall. They did make it to the top which put them on Tom Sloan Ridge and soon they hiked to the saddle. At that point, the hikers stated that the trail was in terrible shape and became tired and unsure of continuing. They called for help. Altadena Mountain Rescue was notified of the two lost hikers at 10:38pm. Our point of entry was the upper gate to the Mt. Lowe Fire Road off of Chainey Trail. Two units were in the field. Unit One began the drive up the fire road while Unit Two stayed back at the gate to provide additional support if needed. During this time, Unit Two stayed in cell phone contact with the missing persons via text messages. Getting through on the phone was "iffy" however, texts work quite well. This helped greatly in that they were able to state when they were able to see our lights and gave us their position in relation to where we were. The road becomes impassable due to rock fall up high. Unit One continued to move forward on foot and made contact with the missing persons soon after. They had no injuries and were escorted back to our vehicle and driven back down. The two were released at their parked vehicle. The op went well!

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Rescue July 5

Two standed hikers were rescued on Tuesday night. The two started off at the Eaton Canyon Nature Center with the intent of hiking up to the first falls. They did just that and decided on a side trip up Acrophobia Ridge. The two lost their way while on the ridge and continued making their way up instead of back down to canyon bottom. Ultimately, they ended up near the set of power towers atop the canyon wall, just north of the Mt. Wilson Toll Road Bridge. The two phoned their parents who, in turn, called emergency services for help. Altadena Moutain Rescue was notified at 9:18pm of the two stranded young men. When we arrived on scene, (Pinecrest Gate), we were informed that residents could here the two calling for help. A two person rescue crew was driving up the Mt. Wilson Toll Road. When the crew stopped and called out for the missing persons, they could here responsive crys for help. As they scanned the moutian side, they were able to see a flashing signal light. Once the light was spoted, a plan was made and a four person rescue crew made their way up a game trail from the backside of the moutain and made contact with the two stuck hikers. The rescue crew gave the two hikers water, helmets and harnesses. The rescue crew helped the two hike back down to safety as the rescue crew laid out safety handline lines for support. The two were taken back to their parked vehicle at the Eaton Canyon Nature where their family members were waiting. A happy ending and everyone made it home safely.

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Rescue June 25, 2011

Team paged for Lost Hiker 2106hrs. Lost hiker near Millard Campground, uninjured, cannot hike out due to leg cramps. The Operation Leader was able to make phone contact with the victim and because all Team members are required to have very good knowledge of the trail and terrain in their area, was able to figure out almost exactly where the missing hiker was. He was instructed to stay where he was and signal the rescue vehicle when he saw it.

R1 was dispatched up the Mt Lowe Rd and found the hiker very close to the Lowe Rd gate. The R1 crew chief made sure the hiker was uninjured and noticed he had 2 backpacks. He questioned the hiker and learned the pack belonged to the hikers girlfriend. Upon further questioning learned that the hiker was one of 10 people doing an overnight camping trip and that he became separated from the group. He was not sure where they were supposed to camp and didn't know which way to go at a trail intersection and took the wrong trail. The Crew Chief suggested that the Team look for the rest of the party to prevent another call out later as he was sure the other members were looking for the missing member.

The crew chief was able to get vehicle descriptions and partial license plate numbers and R2 verified the vehicles were still there. They noticed lights coming down the Lower Sam Merrill trail, so staged themselves at the trailhead to question anyone coming out to see if they were looking for a missing hiker. Several large groups exited the trail, but none were missing a hiker.

R3 was dispatched to the Echo Mt. trail to check with any hikers along that trail.

R1 located most of the party at Alpine Tavern, who reported 2 members went out to look for the missing hiker. A short time later the last 2 hikers were found at Inspiration Point and all units returned to the station and the search was ended at 2400hrs.

All hikers should make sure everyone in the party knows what trails they will be going on, and what the destination is. At all trail intersections, hiking parties should regroup to insure all their members are accounted for. A means for communication would be a good idea, like FRS radios for all members, or at least the hiker in the lead and the hiker bringing up the rear. Cell phones don't work in all areas, so they should not be relied on.

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California MRA Recertification

The Altadena Mountain Rescue Team passed our technical rock recertification for the California region MRA with flying colors. Search and rescue teams from all over California all met in the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine to be tested and re-certified on their technical rock rescue skills. Using a system described as "elegant" by our testing proctors, we were able to extract a simulated injured victim and transport him to safety over difficult rocky terrain while maintaining a high standard of medical care. Shown above is the team after the recertification including the two newest full members showing off their MRA patches.

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